Currently teaching Yin Yoga at Ohana Yoga Studio in North Vancouver since March 2018. 

The yogic journey began at an early age when the family followed the 'Silent Monk' Baba Hari Das from India. Practicing meditation and yoga since the age of 6. Later practiced and studied at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver, BC to receive a Hatha Yoga teacher certification.

Now teaching private sessions by appointment as traditionally taught in Yogic tradition. Focus for clients is a mix of Hatha and Yin Yoga to help release old tension from years of moving in the same ways and breaking bad habits and old patterns that no longer serve us or others.

Diet and meditation tips are also available upon request.

A Vipassana meditator who has completed the 10 day Silent Meditation Retreat consisting of 100hrs of consecutive meditation and strict silence.

Use the CONTACT page to book a session when you ready to experience

your own bliss.



What clients have to say: 

'Yoga with Suzka was always an enlightening experience. It mentally prepared me for the day and made me feel strong and ready to face anything. It was also a great way to prepare for meditation.' 

Jarreah Hayward

Music Producer/Artist


'I really enjoyed my yoga class with suzka, she held the space with compassion and led a nice flow, my body felt great afterwards, balanced, relaxed, she is a great teacher and it shows how much passion she has for the practice'

Annalissa Fenti

Massage Therapist/Yogi


'Since my Yoga session with Suzka Mares I now know how to get all the Stress of long hours of work out of my body! I really do use some of the techniques she showed me. Thanks Suzka!!!'


R&B Singer/Artist


Suzka is very intuitive and was able to create a yoga class within a limited space and customize it for each person. I have been to many yoga classes but find her to be one of the best teachers I have had. Looking forward to more yoga in the future.'

Samantha Casey (Spa Owner)