I have been practicing yoga since the age of five when my family took me to yoga retreats following the late guru Baba Hari Dass known as the silent monk. He gave me my yogic name Padma (Lotus Flower).

I learned meditation and Ashtanga yoga from him at an early age and was able to use the techniques later in life. I then left the practice to pursue downhill ski racing where weight training and strength were enforced. It wasn't until my late 20's that I decided to go back to yoga and stretch out all the tight muscles I had from the vigorous skiing in the mountains around the world. It helped me so much and I got a rebirth. In 2008 I received my Hatha certification at Open Door Yoga in Vancouver, BC and began teaching individual and group classes.

I found Yin to be the most beneficial practice where poses are held for longer periods of time usually 3-5 minutes where major releases occur. The older I get the more I find deeper release within this practice which also helps release the mind and patterns we hold on too. I also studied Alexander Technique while living in London, England for a year while attending performance art school. 

I now teach both individuals, group, and partner yoga usually on a private booking basis. I combine both Hatha and Yin along with various Pranayama (breathing) techniques to help heal old injuries, prevent new ones, and for overall mind, body, and soul unity. 

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What clients have to say:

'Suzka is very intuitive and was able to create a yoga class within a limited space and customize it for each person. I have been to many yoga classes but find her to be one of the best teachers I have had. Looking forward to more yoga in the future.'

Samantha Casey 

Owner/Operator of Bodies Garage

'Yoga with Suzka was always an enlightening experience. It mentally prepared me for the day and made me feel strong and ready to face anything. It was also a great way to prepare for meditation.' 

Jarreah Hayward

Music Producer/Artist

'I really enjoyed my yoga class with suzka, she held the space with compassion and led a nice flow, my body felt great afterwards, balanced, relaxed, she is a great teacher and it shows how much passion she has for the practice'

Annalissa Fenti

Massage Therapist/Yogi

'Since my Yoga session with Suzka Mares I now know how to get all the Stress of long hours of work out of my body! I really do use some of the techniques she showed me. Thanks Suzka!!!'


R&B Singer/Artist







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