"Suzka was a major player on my brand new album ORCHESTRATED NOISE. It was great to work with her and I strongly RECOMMEND her to anyone who is ready to work with a true professional." - MaestroFreshWes (Stick To Your Vision)

"On her upcoming album, Run With Me, Suzka is featured as both violinist and vocalist. “You gotta do things for yourself while having a goal. It’s important to push forward and stay on track. What do they say? Pressure makes diamonds?”- Gavin Reid (BeatRoute Magazine)


"There’s something really sexy about the sounds of babe violinist Suzka‘s latest track “Deep In You”. - Kass Kills (Hip-Hop Canada)


"half jazz violinist half amazing, hip-hop needs more musicians like Suzka"

-Ed Coke (Thick Magazine)

"Suzka is amazing!"

Dj Bless- CEO (Never So Deep Records)

"We love the music and we got you in the rotation."

SugarWaterRadio- New York City

"deliciously sexy and electrifying, an awakening!"

Ashley Fester- Film Director (Kickback Pictures)