Personal Albums:

Lumerian Dreams 2016

Within       2013

Ambrosia   2013 (instrumental only)

Re-Source  2011 (instrumental only)

Source       2011

Wake-Up   2005



Other Artists/Albums:


Maestro Fresh Wes - 'Orchestrated Noise' album (release 2013)

Maestro Fresh Wes- 'Too Melodic' ;Black Tuxedo Ep

Chin Injeti- The Reverb (release 2013)

RichKidd - 'Suzka 87'

Esthero - 'Grace'

Stone Mecca

Sweatshop Union - Dirty Circus

Annakin Slayd - Stalwart Empire, Ride High


Zaki Ibrahim

Georgia Murray - EP 'Just A Dream'

Ghostbrothers- Reach

Lily Frost -Situation

Surya Devi -Songs of the Buddha


Motoe Blizzid- Detinator


Dowty Ebi

Tambura Rasa- Sunrise on a New World,Viaje





The Listener- CTV series, song 'Too Melodic' ft. MaestroFreshWes

Closed Circuit - (feature film) song 'Madame Butterfly

Bloodsuckers - (feature horror) song 'Q's Cue'

Engaged to Kill - TV movie

Painkiller Jane -(TV series) Theme song

Century of November - (feature film) solo violin

Robson Arms - (TV series) song 'Who Drops the Bomb'

World Travel Series - (Omni TV) song 'Wake-Up'

Soulmates - Indie short (directed by, Ashley Fester)

Inner Balance TV - song 'Mer Ka Ba' and 'Time is Now'